Skills. Empowerment. Motivation. 

We know you only want the best. Our candidates are expertly screened to make sure they are ready for work, then carefully matched to the opportunities you offer.

Employers tell us that staff morale improves when they hire our candidates. 

We are more than just apprenticeships. We meet and assess all of our candidates to gauge their readiness to work, providing a tailored training programme where required. Many of the young people we support are eager to learn and are driven to succeed. 

By choosing Apprentice9ja! you are giving a young person the chance to help themselves out of poverty and into employment. Watch as they rise to the trust you place in them.  

Because we are a charity, our rates are extremely competitive.


Here’s how we work


Once we have your job description, we break down the skills and experience you need and the kind of person you’re after.  

With an appreciation of your company culture, we select the most closely matched candidates from our pool of talent.


We invite your selected candidates for an interview and, if required, our consultants can support you in the assessment process.  

Once you’ve found the right candidate, we can help with contracts and any other support you feel you need.


After the hire, we check in regularly with both candidate and employer to ensure things are running smoothly.  

We are here to support both our candidates and your company. You can call us at any time, as we encourage ongoing dialogue to discuss both concerns and successes.

Need apprentices or employees?



Our young people are bursting with energy, ability and potential. Apprenticeships help them develop new skills and a positive career direction.



Search our database for your next employee or save time by asking us to apply the same careful matching process to find your next employee.

Why hire from Apprentice9ja! 

Why hire from Apprentice9ja!

  • Apprentices are more reliable and stay longer in their jobs than anyone else. 

  • Employees are proud to work for organisations that help and support our next generation. 

  • You are demonstrating your commitment to workplace diversity, challenging prejudice and creating great opportunities for positive mediacoverage.

  • You’ve kept a young person from falling into poverty and transformed theirs and their [future] children’s lives, increased their achievement at school and helped to break the intergenerational cycle of deprivation and poverty.


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We use the money donated to find and place marginalised unemployed young people into quality apprenticeships.

Allowing them to develop not only their work skills, experience and self-esteem, but to build a career and alleviate themselves from poverty.